Commercial Loans

Crossbridge Community Bank, SSB takes great pride in the community and the businesses that prosper around us. Our lenders have years of banking experience and are here to accommodate all your financial needs. We offer a wide variety of commercial loans and will assess which products will benefit your specific financial situation. Our competitive rates and terms are customized based on the type of loan. We strive to help your business achieve financial success.

Lines of Credit / Short-term Loans

These loans are designed to help your business through seasonal changes, to fund increases in inventory and receivables and to have funds available in a time when you have an unexpected financial need. They can either be revolving or non-revolving.

Long-term Loans

These loans are designed to fund purchases of major equipment, inventory, machinery, acquisitions and expansions for a longer period of time.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

These loans are accommodating if you are interested in purchasing new property, remodeling or expanding existing property or planning to construct a new facility.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

These loans are SBA guaranteed and are all subject to final SBA approval. They are designed to help business owners who are starting a new business or purchasing an existing business. These loans can be used for inventory and equipment purchases, working capital and real estate acquisitions.
Young business woman paying business bills online.

Business Bill Pay

When you own an emerging business, it can be hard to find time for paying bills.  Manage payments all from one place.