Financial Education

Free Financial Literacy Tools & Websites

For kids, parents and educators:

FDIC Money Smart-Practical and free lessons for educators and youth program professionals. 
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau-This organization offers over 275 free financial literacy activities for kids. 

For first-time home buyers:

Home View-Fannie Mae courses that walk buyers through every step to home ownership. 
Credit Smart-Freddie Mac tool for determining how your credit effects home ownership, renting and more. 

Understanding your credit scores and building credit:

Understanding your Credit- Federal Trade Commission breaks down how to determine and understand your credit score.
Annual Free Credit Report- This report is the only free report that is provided under federal law that allows consumers a chance to review their report annually.

Scams and Fraud:

IdentityTheft.Gov-This free site is the first stop if you have had your identity stolen or compromised. Administered by the FTC this is a safe and secure way to start the process of recovery from identity theft. 
Newest Scams-AARP keeps an extensive eye on new and emerging scams. Especially those targeting seniors. 
How to Avoid a Scam-The FTC provides resources including printable PDF guides and reporting tools to prevent and detect scams. 
Scam Tracker-The Better Business Bureau scam tracker allows you to search and report scams.