New Account Enrollment

Are you ready to make the move to Crossbridge Community Bank?

This step-by-step, easy to follow Crossbridge Community Bank New Account Enrollment will make the move as smooth as possible.

It's easy...Let's get started!

This questionnaire is for us to gather some information, so you can begin the application process.  All applications are subject to approval.  Please note that all account holders will need to sign an official account form in person before the account can be opened.  For your own security, we’ll also need to photocopy your driver’s license(s), or other form of ID, so we can have it on file to accurately identify you in the future.

For those do-it-yourselfers, these forms will assemble all the information you will need.  You can complete and “Submit” or complete and deliver them yourselves.
For those that would like us to do-it-for-you, just fill them out as much as you can and call 715-453-2144 or 715-536-7133 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced universal bankers to help you complete the process.
Step 1

Step 2
  • Set up Direct Deposit by completing the Direct Deposit Authorization Form.  Give this form to your employer, the Social Security Administration or any other sources you receive a Direct Deposit from, so they can send it to your new account with Crossbridge Community Bank.  If you are not sure who to contact, stop in with your current deposit information and we can help you.

Step 3

Step 4

Make sure all of your checks have cleared BEFORE closing your old account.

Thank you for choosing Crossbridge Community Bank!

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