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eBanc - Bank Online Rather Than In Line with eBanc!

Take Control of your Personal Finances with Online Banking

eBanc Features 

  • Review your account balances and transactions
  • Transferring funds between your Crossbridge accounts is quick and easy
  • Make Crossbridge loan Payments
  • Advance on your Home Equity & Fast Funds Line of Credit
  • ePay+ (Online Bill Pay)
  • Higher level of security with MFA (MultiFactor Authentication)
  • Free to all Crossbridge Community Bank customers (some restrictions apply)

Frequently asked Questions

How do I get signed up?

Either stop in or give us a call during normal business hours and we will have you set up in minutes.

Can I access eBanc using my smart phone?

Maybe.  Because smart phones use various operating systems and browsers and because user security settings vary, it is not possible to guarantee access to eBanc using a smart phone.  However, we do offer mobile banking, which is designed for use with smart phones.

Can I access eBanc using other mobile devices such as tablets, iPads, iPods, Nooks and Kindles?

Maybe.  Because mobile devices use various operating systems and browsers and because user security settings vary, it is not possible to guarantee access to eBanc using a mobile device.  However, based on customer experiences reported to us, we do know that most Android operated devices have trouble communicating with our online banking system; iPads and iPods, on the other hand, have not had customer-reported issues with our online banking product.  Unfortunately, for those mobile devices that experience issues accessing eBanc, there is no alternative product option.

Do I need a special computer or connection?

No special computer is needed, but you must have access to the Internet with your current provider.

ACCESS - Make your Smart Phone a "Genius" Phone!

Your Mobile Bank On The Go…

ACCESS, our Mobile Banking Product, offers great features right in the palm of your hand!  With three options to work on a wide range of mobile devices, there should be something for EVERYONE!

ACCESS Smart Phone App:
From mobile phones with Web access, users can: 
  • Deposit checks using your mobile phone
  • Review your account balances
  • View recent transactions
  • View pending transactions
  • Transfer funds between Crossbridge accounts
  • Pay your bills with ePay+
  • Make regular Crossbridge loan payments from Crossbridge Accounts
  • Make advances on your established Crossbridge lines of credit
  • Locate a nearby branch or ATM

Mobile web service is required for this level of service. 
Message and data rates may apply.

ACCESS Mobile Web Banking:
Same functions as the Smart Phone App, with the exception of depositing checks using your mobile phone.

Mobile web service is required for this level of service. 
Message and data rates may apply.

ACCESS Text Banking
From mobile phones with text capabilities, users can: 
  • View account balances
  • View recent transaction history
  • Message and data rates may apply. 

ePay+  Online Bill Pay

What's the Plus + about?

  • Online Bill Pay at your fingertips with Access.  Make and schedule payments to existing payees right from your smart phone through our app.
  • Personal payment service using Zelle® The newest way to pay friends and family.  A fast and easy way to send and receive money using email or text messages. 
  • Go Green with eBills.  Receive your bills electronically and manage them all within ePay+.
  • Simplified Payee Search.  Search for payees simply by typing in the company name.  If a match is found in the database, the payee information will be added automatically.  No more hunting down mailing addresses!  Simply enter your account number and add your bill to be paid.
  • Same Day/Next Day Payments and Payment Processing.  Payments can often be received within one business day, even the same day if necessary.  Payments will be processed to debit your account on the date you request they be paid and will credit your payee the same day.
  • Set up Reminders.  Never make a late payment again!  When you set up reminders, you'll receive a message telling you when your payment is due.
Standard ePay+ and Zelle cut-off time is 10:00 PM Central Time.  In addition, the Dynamic Calendar within ePay+ provides additional scheduling information for special services available to ePay+ users.

Fee Information:  ePay+ users have ten (10) free transactions per calendar month; each transaction over ten (10) will be $0.41 thereafter.  The user fee for ePay+ is $5.00 per calendar month; the user fee will be waived if one (1) transaction is completed per calendar month.  Additional fees may apply.
We are sure you will find our ePay+ convenient and easy to use, but if you have questions please contact any of our Universal Bankers at 715-453-2144, 715-536-7133 or Toll Free at 877-822-7552.  We will be happy to provide you with additional details!

TeleBanc - Bank By Phone

Toll Free

Not sure how much you have in your account?  Want to make sure that a deposit was made? 
With TeleBanc the answers are right at your fingertips.

TeleBanc Features
  • Check current balance and last deposit
  • Make transfers between all your Crossbridge accounts
  • Make Crossbridge loan payments
  • Access all your Crossbridge accounts
  • Check most recent account activity

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a list that explains what numbers I need to press?

Once you call the TeleBanc system you will be prompted what numbers to choose and given step-by-step instructions to access your information. 

Do I need a special PIN number to access my accounts via TeleBanc?  If yes, does it ever expire?

Yes, you will need a PIN number.  Your TeleBanc password will expire every 90 days.
You will be prompted to change it. Your TeleBanc record will automatically delete
after 560 days of non-use. Call Crossbridge to receive your PIN number.

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